Amazon share space

CentralPlaza Nakhon Ratchasima


Date of Completion







Amazon Share Space, the new concept of Amazon café is now talk of the town topic of Nakhon Ratchasrima. It perfectly blends the aroma of coffee and freshness of nature in the Amazon Share Space here.  This is the new chill out and meeting place in the natural environment with the creative design under the concept of “Sharing the same nature, sharing together”   Amazon Share Space is designed under the concept of Amazon forest which is one from not many areas in the world that is still pristine and unpolluted. It is the sanctuary for urban people who want to escape from the busy and crowded city and take a rest at the peaceful and creative here at the Amazon café at Central Plaza Share Space.   Walking into the Share Space, on the underground area of 344 Sq.m., you will see the circle line scattering the area, feeling like the oxygen circle from the forest.   Glass wall interior design like aiming to lock the ozone and green area of the diverse kind of trees. Besides, there is activity stage for the community. This area colored by many parrots which make area more lively.   When you walk into this area, you will feel the moment of happiness. It is the sanctuary for everyone to share the area of taking a rest or even working under the concept of “Share” by “Amazon Share Space”