Silom soi 7



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Silom Soi.7, Bangkok, Thailand





Chef Ton Thitid Tussanakajorhn and Rungroj Ingudananda proudly present the creative Thai restaurant aiming to launch new idea of Modern Thai style to the restaurant industry. The restaurant names “Ledu”, which means “season” in Thai. Due to their exceptional standard of food and service, the rank at no.37 in the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2017 list and no.14 in the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list.   The key success has derived from the local ingredients from various provinces in Thailand. Besides, particular ingredients from each season also have their own uniqueness of taste and inspired all menu at Ledu.   We desire Thai people to experience “real Thai taste”. Our menus have inspired from particular season in Thailand, summer, rainy, and winter which have their own character, for example, during summer we use fresh watermelon in the food menu, which can cool down heat and make body chill and fresh.   Looking at the interior design of the Ledu restaurant, it has been renovated under the concept of fine dining while remaining some part of existing decoration, for example, floor, curved celling and cooking zone which is rely on functional operation when chef cook.   PSD, the interior team, have been responsible for renovating Ledu. They revamped the existing plating bar and beverage bar by using natural material that are simple and not expensive, such as, bamboo weave. Wooden pillar with iron border was painted in brass and smoking black colour which can make the main counter look sexier and more interesting.   The first dining area is connecting to the glass wall and well. We use gradient glass film, this inspired from many shade of colors from each seasons. This also help to improve dining view by hiding the messy telephone wire from outside   Next dining area is at the curved wall with curved sofa inspired from cycling of season. At the curved wall is the main wall which customer can be impressed at first sight when they walk into the restaurant. Therefore, we would like to decorated this wall with very high value art piece. After had been researched and explored several art pieces, we finally fall in love with the master piece from the Thai artist, “Khun Korakot aromdee”. It is a hand craft sculpture. Its uniqueness is the technique of tie and knot bamboo in free flow shape according to the artist imagination and make it became outstanding and magnificent master piece at Ledu.   At the rest room, we design by using the Tropical style of green leaf wallpaper to decorate the rest room. This make customer feel relax like taking a rest at tropical forest.   Lighting also very important element when design the restaurant. We design lighting to spot at the food as if as it is the art piece, stimulate the appetite Besides, customer also feel private as they feel like there are just them and no one else interrupting their precious time because the rest area is darker which make them have perfect moment enjoying food at Ledu.