party/space/design sc “WORK SPACE”

Thong Lor 20


Work Space

Date of Completion



250 SQ.M.


34 Room 23A-26A





creative studio party / space / design (p/s/d) has just moved to its fourth working space in thailand since they’ve been established. initially, the property was divided into three rooms with two stories like other common working hubs – so the team decided to break the three units to form one big area with the concept of an ‘open box’. ‘at the beginning, the entrance door was too thick and small; we transformed the entrance area to the clearly open wall that can be seen from both the inside out and outside in. this part made from white metal frame referred to the main color of our new home.’ concerning the working station, p/s/d created it with the aim of fluidly connecting it to the coffee shop. the open airy space is effectively emphasized with a long table and striking modular shelving system – with both furniture pieces being adaptable to user needs. even more, each module was designed and placed randomly thanks to a specific design ratio. the café zone is set as a common area in the center, where one can obtain direct natural light from the outside. with that, the team agreed to remove the upper level and thus form a five-meter high ceiling; the latter is painted in white together with the existing structure and wooden shelf set up along the wall. another interesting section is the high counter and white brick tiled-wall complementing the wooden floor with the fishbone pattern placed with hexagon tiles. ‘for this part, we needed to represent a warm welcome to the clients and others who come into our home. in addition, the ciruclar lamps draw people in, as if hypnotised by a cluster of stars in the universe,’ adds p/s/d.

wooden modular shelf

swing doors for entrance and exit